Your personal photographer for all of life’s adventures.

I provide a professional and fun experience with beautiful and memorable pictures.

Located in Westfield, Indiana and happy to travel anywhere!

EST. 2006  |  317-502-1160  | 

Thank you so much for finding me. I am temporarily not taking on any more photography clients at the moment. We had a baby! 

DeVeau Extended Family Fun Questions & Answers:

1. What was one of your favorite moments from your extended family session? Having all the family together and playing in the upstairs room.

2. What was a funny moment during your photos? The antics trying to get everyone to smile. 3. How does your family enjoy time together? What do you like to do? Travel. Overseas, to National Parks, and to our families' homes.

4. What adventures does your family have planned next? A trip to Barranquilla, Colombia, where we used to live for three years. A trip anywhere with family members is the best.

5. What is on the family bucket list? Different individual families have different lists but living abroad is on a couple family lists.

6. What is a good date night for you two? Babysitting the grandchildren.

7. Any advice as grandparents you would like to share? Snuggle those grand-blessings, hold them close and shower them with love.

8. Why is getting these pictures important to you? My mom is 97 and I think it is important for the grands and us all to have photos with her.

9. What are you going to do with these pictures? How will you display them? Replace all the older family pictures in my house. Update my Facebook page. ;-) I make photo books (Shutterfly) for each year of the grandchildren's lives so many of those pictures will go in each of the books.

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