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Thank you so much for finding me. I am temporarily not taking on any more photography clients at the moment. We had a baby! 

Lencheck Extended Family Fun Questions & Answers: Answers from Lori

1. What was one of your favorite moments from your extended family session? Watching the families change places as quickly as they did - it all seemed so organized even though there were so many of us

2. What was a funny moment during your photos? Rick's kids and my girls doing their pictures on the steps - trying to recreate previous times

3. How does your family enjoy time together? What do you like to do? Our two families grew up spending much time together before Rick and his family moved to Texas so it was fun to watch the kids reconnect and the next generation have the same fun playing that our kids had. Our family likes to take family vacations every other year - it's always fun to watch them 'adult'!

4. What adventures does your family have planned next? We are not sure where our next family adventure will be since there will be a couple of new additions

5. What is on the family bucket list? I would love to take the whole family on an Alaskan cruise when the little ones are old enough to remember.

6. What is a good date night for you two? Dinner and a play or concert, especially at the Palladium as it is so close.

7. Any parenting advice you would like to share? Spend time playing and being silly together - you will never be able to replace the early years.

8. Any advice as grandparents you would like to share? The parents are the bosses.

9. Why is getting these pictures important to you? To remember how important family is and the special thanksgiving we were able to spend together.

10. What are you going to do with these pictures? How will you display them? We have a wall in the basement with family pictures and some will be on my desk and in Chuck's office. We already gifted some to the other grandparents.

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