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Thank you so much for finding me. I am temporarily not taking on any more photography clients at the moment. We had a baby! 

Katie answered these Fun Family Questions & Answers:

1. What was one of your favorite moments from your family session? Going on a bear hunt with David or skipping rocks in the creek.

2. What was a funny moment during your photos? Looking for invisible monkeys in the trees

3. How does your family enjoy time together? What do you like to do? We enjoy playing outside especially bikes, bonfires, swimming, traveling to new places and spending time with grandparents and cousins.

4. What adventures does your family have planned next? (Christmas trip!!!?) We will be going to Tybee Island for two weeks in December. Quarantine style by staying in our own beach house with pool and going to the beach.

5. What is on the family bucket list? Daniel’s family is from Spain and many of them still live there. Once the boys are old enough we plan to hike the Camino de Santiago and end in Seville our family’s home town and visit with all our family we have never met. First we need to brush up on our Spanish!

6. A kid free date night, how would that look like for you two? Sushi and either shooting guns or going to top golf. Our last date was the Indy 500 last year! We are well overdue but Corona!

7. Any parenting advice you would like to share? Oh gosh this is a hard one because even at four kids we still wing it a lot! My biggest advice is to raise kids with a sense gratitude, a whole lot of kindness, and to think about others. Raise them in some sort of faith community, it truly takes a village. This world is so much bigger than themselves, it is bigger than sports, money, physical pleasures they are not entitled to anything. Teach them to appreciate the little things in life. Teach them how to work hard for the things they do want. Show them the world by taking one family vacation a year even if it is only a staycation. Hug them everyday, say I love you too much. Get your nose out of your phone (this is easier said than done) because they grow up way too fast. Appreciate the sticky fingerprints on everything, the loads of laundry, and daily messes because someday it will be an empty house. It is exhausting but so rewarding! I would never change being a parent to my four crazy, silly boys.

8. Why is getting these pictures important to you? We haven’t had updated pictures since our three year old was a few weeks old! I want my boys to be able to have these pictures to show their children someday. As a history nerd I love looking at my ancestors pictures from the past and hope these are still floating around 100 years from now! I also do not take enough pictures because I try to live in the moment and not always stopping to grab my phone, I may miss something truly incredible while looking for my phone!

9. What are you going to do with these pictures? How will you display them? We plan to get some mix-tiles for our loft and a portrait of each boy to hang in a hallway. We also plan to get one family picture for our entrance hall. Also lots of gifts for grandparents.

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