Your personal photographer for all of life’s adventures.

I provide a professional and fun experience with beautiful and memorable pictures.

Located in Westfield, Indiana and happy to travel anywhere!

EST. 2006  |  317-502-1160  | 

Thank you so much for finding me. I am temporarily not taking on any more photography clients at the moment. We had a baby! 

Family Fun Questions & Answers from Lauren:

1. What was one of your favorite moments from your family session? Besides, catching up with Jen! - it would be giving Emily the flowers to play with/take pictures with. She LOVES flowers so having her own to destroy them was fun!

2. What was a funny moment during your photos? Funniest moments would probably be my or Jen's noises to try to make Emily smile.

3. How does your family enjoy time together? What do you like to do? We just like to go on walks or play, especially tag - Emily gets so excited when we're coming after her.

4. What adventures does your family have planned next? Not sure! Trying to see when COVID will die down - hopefully being able to take her places for once!

5. What is on the family bucket list? Just traveling, anywhere and everywhere.

6. A kid free date night, how would that look like for you two? Great question! Maybe doing some sort of activity - bowling, darts, games. Just something different from the norm.

7. Any parenting advice you would like to share? That the beginning is rough but you're doing great and just have to remember that - and the things you think are HUGE scary deals at the time aren't really and you will get past them. Love and hug your child every moment you get - it is the most important thing of them all.

8. Why is getting these pictures important to you? These pictures are important to us because it will be nice to look back on how little she was and how cute she was - especially when she's growing like a weed!

9. What are you going to do with these pictures? How will you display them? Hoping to send out Christmas cards since we never really did a birth announcement in the mail - so HEY! We now have a 10 month old!

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