Your personal photographer for all of life’s adventures.

I provide a professional and fun experience with beautiful and memorable pictures.

Located in Westfield, Indiana and happy to travel anywhere!

EST. 2006  |  317-502-1160  | 

Thank you so much for finding me. I am temporarily not taking on any more photography clients at the moment. We had a baby! 

Walters Family Fun Questions & Answers: 

1. What was one of your favorite moments from your family session? The best pictures seemed to come from the moments where we were just naturally enjoying each other and Jen caught some candid shots. I also really loved being able to include some objects that hold sentimental meaning for our family.

2. How does your family enjoy time together? What do you like to do?   - We really just like to spend time together. It doesn't matter what we're doing.

3. Any parenting advice you would like to share?  Be flexible and patient with everyone and everything... including yourself.

4. Why is getting these pictures important to you?  As a new parent you quickly realize that they really do grow up so fast! These pictures will help us remember him during this very special time.

5. What are you going to do with these pictures? How will you display them?  We plan to share prints with out loved ones so that they can enjoy them as much as we have.

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